Gravity Bong Message Board

Step One
Supplies needed:
  • 2 liter soda bottle, or wawa big assed iced tea or somthing along those lines
  • bowl head or some tin foil
  • bucket or bucket like thing or a 3 liter soda bottle

Step Two
Melt the bowl head onto bottle cap, make sure it is air tight

If you don't have a bowl head, make one out of tin foil

Step Three
Take your bottle and cut the bottom off

Step Four
Get a bucket of water and submerge bottle a little bit more than 3/4ths way, without the cap on

The air pressure will blow all your herb out if you push down on the bottle while the cap is on

Step Five
With everything in place, light the bowl head and slowly lift the bottle, try to milk it up as much as you can

Do not pull the bottle all the way out of the water

When the desired amount of smoke is in the bottle unscrew the cap and suck down on the bottle, DONT push

Keep on sucking and blowing your hit in and out of the bottle to get a mad head rush